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CHEM 1770: General Chemistry I

Credits: 4. Contact Hours: Lecture 3, Discussion 1.

Prereq: Credit or concurrent enrollment in CHEM 1770L
The first semester of a two-semester sequence which explores chemistry at a greater depth and with more emphasis on concepts, problems, and calculations than 1630. Recommended for physical and biological science majors, chemical engineering majors, and all others intending to take 3000-level chemistry courses. Principles and quantitative relationships, stoichiometry, chemical equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, thermochemistry, rates and mechanism of reactions, changes of state, solution behavior, atomic structure, periodic relationships, chemical bonding. Chemistry and Biochemistry majors may consider taking CHEM 2010. MATH 1400 or 2 years of high school algebra and 1 year of high school geometry and CHEM 0500 or 1 year of high school chemistry necessary. Graduation Restriction: Only one of CHEM 1630, 1670, 1770, or 2010 may count toward graduation. (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer)