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EDUC 2040: Social Foundations of Education in the United States: Secondary

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.

Introduction to the historical and contemporary landscape of schooling in the United States. Emphasis is placed on topics and tensions in the relationship between school and society (e.g. equity of access to education and competing purposes of education) and the implications of these topics and tensions for teaching and learning at the secondary level in public schools. For prospective teachers in an ISU Secondary Educator Preparation program; open to students who are considering teaching and/or work in education as a career path. (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer)

School of Education
The School of Education at Iowa State University is committed to engaging in rigorous and socially meaningful research. We are preparing leaders and practitioners across the P-20 continuum who support rich, equitable learning opportunities for all students. Supporting public education as a cornerstone of a healthy, vibrant, and just society, the School of Education strives to be a national leader in educational theory, policy, and practice, as we honor the land-grant tradition and the broader mission of the university to serve the people of Iowa.