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RESEV 5520: Basic Educational Statistics

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.

Statistical concepts and procedures for analyzing educational data; descriptive statistics, correlation, t tests, and chi square with computer applications. (Typically Offered: Fall)

EDUC 5520: Corrective Reading

(Dual-listed with EDUC 4520).
Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.

Prereq: EDUC 3780. Concurrent enrollment in EDUC 4880.
Identification, analysis and correction of reading problems in five areas: print knowledge, integration of print knowledge, oral reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer)

HGED 5520: Introduction to Higher Education in the United States

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.

Overview of higher education in the United States, including a brief history, the functions, organization, external influences, funding, and the major issues impacting postsecondary institutions today.