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FCEDS 3010K: Textile Selection and Apparel Construction Methods

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 2, Laboratory 1.

Prereq: 6 credits in FCEDS
This course is designed to empower Family and Consumer Science (FCS) teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach fashion, textiles, and sewing in today's dynamic educational landscape. Participants will delve into an overview of the fashion industry and basic textile science. Students will also develop beginning garment construction skills, gaining insights into both traditional and contemporary practices. This course fulfills the "Textiles or apparel design and merchandising" content component for Iowa teaching endorsement 1390: Family & Consumer Sciences. This course is delivered in a hybrid format, requiring 15 hours (2 days) in-person in the sewing laboratory; the rest of the course is delivered online. Offered even-numbered years. (Typically Offered: Summer)