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JL MC 201: Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media

(2-2) Cr. 3.

Prereq: Greenlee majors only or departmental permission. Credit or concurrent enrollment in JL MC 110.
Generating story ideas, exercising news judgment and gathering information via interviews, observation and documentary sources to produce news and informational material for the mass media. Emphasis on analyzing and organizing information, as well as accuracy and principles of good writing. Use of AP Style.

Journalism and Mass Communication

The journalism and mass communication major prepares students for careers that involve all aspects of news and information. Emphasis is placed on generating ideas, organizing, writing, editing, and presenting information for various media platforms and audiences. Students work with advisors to develop a program of study that prepares them for work in communication-specific areas including broadcast media, magazines and/or newspapers, photojournalism, science communication, visual communication, and digital media. Coursework in this major focuses on writing, research, digital and emerging media, and professional abilities. Students are required to complete a capstone internship experience to practice and refine their skills.