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M S 201L: Basic Leadership Laboratory III

(0-2) Cr. 1. F.

Prereq: Concurrent enrollment in M S 201
Uses basic military training, missions and scenarios to provide a hands-on method of developing confidence and leadership skills. Students observe and participate in the rotation through various levels of leadership positions at the platoon and squad level within the Army command structure. Learn to communicate effectively and work as a team while assigned to positions at various levels within the organization. Students also learn various military tasks such as marching, rifle firing, and tactical patrolling; gain confidence through rappelling and construction/use of rope bridges; and increase professional knowledge in areas such as first aid, water survival, personal physical fitness, and land navigation. Teaching locations include the ISU Armory, Camp Dodge (National Guard Facility), Pammel Woods (ISU campus), and ISU fitness centers. Full participation in all events will be determined based on students' physical and medical eligibility.


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