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MGMT 566: Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation

(3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: Graduate classification or permission of instructor.
The essentials of starting and operating a new business. Topics include current research on entrepreneurial perspective, starting and developing a new business, financing the venture, managing the growing firm, and special issues.


Management is a broadly defined discipline and activity, which is neither industry- nor function-specific.  Management concepts, theories, techniques, and skills are applicable to all business functional areas and are essential for successful organizations, regardless of whether the venture is large or small, a well-established firm or an entrepreneurial start-up.  Management requires sound conceptual, technical, and human skills for the effective utilization of organizational resources.

Entrepreneurship Minor

...the certificate program, including one required course, MGMT 566 Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation and...


...completed prior to taking MGMT 478 in the...entrepreneurship education through Management 566 as well as...