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PHIL 330: Ethical Theory

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.

Prereq: PHIL 201 or PHIL 230
Study of major theories of morality and the good life. Includes such topics as moral psychology, practical reasoning, and virtue theory.


Philosophy tries to make sense of human experience and reality through critical reflection and argument. The questions it treats engage and provoke all of us, and they occupy an important place in our intellectual tradition: Are there objective standards for deciding what is right and wrong, or is morality merely a subjective matter? Is capitalism morally acceptable? Do I have a will, and is it free? How do my words and thoughts come to be about the world? Does God exist? Can machines think? How are mind and body related? Students in philosophy classes will be exposed to arguments on both sides of such questions, and they will be encouraged to develop and rationally defend their own positions.