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STAT 341: Introduction to the Theory of Probability and Statistics I

(Cross-listed with MATH). (3-2) Cr. 4. F.S.

Prereq: MATH 265 (or MATH 265H)
Probability; distribution functions and their properties; classical discrete and continuous distribution functions; multivariate probability distributions and their properties; moment generating functions; transformations of random variables; simulation of random variables and use of the R statistical package. Credit for only one of the following courses may be applied toward graduation: STAT 341, STAT 347, STAT 447, or STAT 588.


For the undergraduate curriculum in liberal arts and sciences, major in statistics, leading to the degree bachelor of science, see Liberal Arts and Sciences, Curriculum.


...207. b STAT 341 (Introduction to Theory of Probability & Stats I) and STAT 342 (Introduction...