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STAT 361: Statistical Quality Assurance

(Cross-listed with I E). (2-2) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: STAT 231, STAT 301, STAT 326, STAT 401, or STAT 587
Statistical methods for process improvement. Simple quality assurance principles and tools. Measurement system precision and accuracy assessment. Control charts. Process capability assessment. Experimental design and analysis for process improvement. Significant external project in process improvement.


The curriculum in liberal arts and sciences with a major in statistics is designed to prepare students for (1) entry level statistics positions in business, industry or commerce, nonprofit institutions, and in state or federal government; (2) graduate study in statistics. Entry-level positions include the following types of work: statistical design, data visualization, analysis and interpretation of experiments and surveys; data processing and analysis using modern computation facilities and statistical computing systems; application of statistical principles and methods in commercial areas such as finance, insurance, industrial research, marketing, manufacturing, sports analytics, and quality control and in nonprofit organizations such as large health study institutions.