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TSM 4550: Feed Processing and Technology

(Dual-listed with TSM 5550).
Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 2, Laboratory 3.

Prereq: Junior classification
Introduction to formula feed manufacturing and the animal feed industry. Overview of feed ingredients and formulation, understanding and operation of feed production processing equipment including principles of conveying, grinding, mixing, conditioning, pelleting, and other processing techniques, and the formulation of concentrates, premixes, and rations. Students will become knowledgeable about the manufacturing of various animal feed types such as pelleted and extruded feed, aqua (fish) feed, liquid feeds, poured and pressed blocks, steam flaked feed, and pet food, and their effect on animal performance and health. Students will gain hands-on experience in feed manufacturing during weekly lab sessions at a full-scale university owned feed mill and grain science complex. (Typically Offered: Fall)