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BBMB 316: Principles of Biochemistry

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: CHEM 231 or CHEM 331; BIOL 212; BIOL 313 and BIOL 314 strongly recommended.
Understanding biological systems at the molecular level; chemistry of biological macromolecules, enzyme function and regulation, metabolic pathways; integration of metabolism in diverse living systems. For students in biology and related majors who do not require the more rigorous treatment of biochemistry found in BBMB 404/405. Course offered online. Not acceptable for credit toward a major in biochemistry, biophysics, or agricultural biochemistry.


...course, typically BBMB 301 Survey of Biochemistry , BBMB 316 Principles of Biochemistry or BBMB 404...