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BIOL 401: Bioinformatics of Sequences

(Cross-listed with BCBIO, COM S, GEN). (3-0) Cr. 3. Alt. F., offered odd-numbered years.

Prereq: (BCBIO 322; [COM S 127 or COM S 227]; [MATH 160 or MATH 165]; [MATH 166 or STAT 301]; [STAT 101 or STAT 104 or STAT 330]) or Permission of Instructor
Application of computer science and statistics to molecular biology with a significant problem-solving component, including hands-on programming using Python to solve a variety of biological problems. String algorithms, sequence alignments, homology search, pattern discovery, genotyping, genome assembly, genome annotation, comparative genomics, protein structure.

Pharmacology and Toxicology Minor

...Toxicology undergraduate minors: TOX 401, B M S...M S 438 or BIOL 335. The remaining...