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ECON 302: Intermediate Macroeconomics

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: ECON 101, ECON 102; MATH 160 or MATH 165
Theory of income, employment, interest rates, and the price level; fiscal and monetary policy; budget and trade deficits; money and capital inflows, interest rates, and inflation.


The Department of Economics offers coursework for Bachelor of Science degrees in three majors:  Agricultural Business, Economics, and Business Economics.  The Department also offers a minor in Agricultural Business and a minor in Economics.  In addition, the Department participates in four interdepartmental programs:  International Agriculture (CALS), Global Resource Systems (CALS), International Studies (LAS), and Women's Studies (LAS).  Further details of the three majors are found in the respective sections. 

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