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MATH 145: Applied Trigonometry

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: Satisfactory performance on placement assessment, 2 years of high school algebra, 1 year of high school geometry; or minimum of C- in MATH 140.
Mathematical ideas regarding the conception of space. General trigonometry, with an emphasis on the calculation of lengths, areas, and angles. The Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines. Polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinate systems. Conic sections and quadric surfaces. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may not count MATH 145 toward the General Education Requirements. Only one of MATH 143 and MATH 145 may count toward graduation.


...Sciences/Humanities, at least 3 credits of MATH 145 or 5 credits of PHYS 11...

College of Design

...Architecture program are strongly advised to take MATH 145 Applied Trigonometry and PHYS 111 General...