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AGEDS 412: Internship in Agricultural Education and Studies

Cr. 2-6. Repeatable, maximum of 6 credits. F.S.SS.

Prereq: Junior classification in AGEDS; Permission of Instructor
A supervised two to twelve week learning experience in an approved learning setting with application to educational, agricultural, communications and/or environmental practices and principles.

E C P 412: Development of Curriculum for Children Ages Birth to 3

(3-0) Cr. 3.

Prereq: E C P 201; E C P 202; E C P 305; E C P 306; E C P 307; E C P 320
Curriculum development related to children from birth to age 3: (1) learn and utilize assessment and documentation to inform curriculum, (2) plan and evaluate developmentally appropriate activities, and (3) learn about effective ways to share curriculum information with families. All areas of developmental domains and content areas; issues related to diversity in family composition, culture, and individual abilities will also be addressed.