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ENTSP 313: Feasibility Analysis for New Ventures

(3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.

Prereq: ENTSP 310
Focuses on the knowledge and practical skills required for developing an idea for a new business venture, researching potential markets, analyzing competition, conducting formal feasibility analyses, and considering business plan implications. Includes discussion of basic business functions in terms of their application to conducting feasibility analyses and to exploiting related business opportunities.


Success in entrepreneurship requires a broad base of conceptual knowledge, personal skills, and competencies.  By majoring in entrepreneurship, you will sharpen your creative thinking and problem-solving skills, develop your entrepreneurial mindset to start your own business, develop a new product, or become an innovator in an established company.  The required courses in the major provide a variety of rich developmental experiences that include applied learning, case analysis, research projects, team-based learning, and guest speakers, in addition to traditional classroom lectures and discussions.  The Entrepreneurship major places a strong emphasis on written and oral communication skills, teamwork, creativity, leadership, and personal initiative.

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