Plant Biology (PLBIO)

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Courses primarily for graduate students, open to qualified undergraduates:

(Cross-listed with GDCB). (2-0) Cr. 2. Alt. F., offered even-numbered years.

Prereq: BIOL 330, PHYS 131, CHEM 331; one semester of biochemistry recommended
Photosynthesis, respiration, and other aspects of plant metabolism.

(Cross-listed with GDCB, MCDB). (3-0) Cr. 3. Alt. F., offered odd-numbered years.

Prereq: BIOL 313, BIOL 314, BIOL 330 or BBMB 405
Plant nuclear and organelle genomes; regulation of gene expression; hormone signaling; organization, function, and development of plant cells and subcellular structures; regulation of plant growth and development.

Courses for graduate students:

(Cross-listed with AGRON, BBMB, FOR, GDCB, HORT). Cr. 1. Repeatable. F.S.

Research seminars by faculty and graduate students. Offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only.

Cr. arr. Repeatable.