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AGRON 5880: Raster GIS for Geoscientists

(Dual-listed with GEOL 4880/ AGRON 4880/ ENSCI 4880). (Cross-listed with GEOL 5880/ ENSCI 5880).
Credits: 3.

Qualified Undergrad Prereq: GEOL 4520; CRP 4510; CRP 4520; NREM 3450; NREM 4460; AE 4080 or graduate standing
GIS course with focus on the spatial analysis and modeling of raster and triangulated irregular network (TIN) data using ArcGIS Pro. Includes practical exercises during lectures, lab exercises, homework assignments, and (for GEOL 5880) a class project. Basic knowledge of ArcGIS Pro is a plus but not required. Course can be taken concurrently to any other Intro GIS course. Sophomore classification or above recommended. Offered odd-numbered years. (Typically Offered: Spring)

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing plants that serve humans, using practices essential for maintaining and improving life. The Department of Agronomy offers a major leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in agronomy. Graduates have the theoretical and practical knowledge needed for efficient and sustainable crop production. They are skilled in critical thinking, problem solving, communicating, and working effectively with others. They understand the ethical, cultural, and environmental dimensions of issues facing agronomists globally.