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ANS 4600: Science and Technology of Value Added Meat Products

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 2, Laboratory 2.

Prereq: ANS 2700
Physical, chemical and biological properties of meat important to achieving value-added meat product characteristics. Ingredients, technology and equipment used for processing, preservation and safety of cured meats, loaf products and fresh, cooked, dry and semi-dry sausage products. (Typically Offered: Spring)

Animal Science
The Department of Animal Science Undergraduate Program intends for its graduates to be able to explain the symbiotic relationship of animals and humans, to contribute to the solution of complex problems of animal enterprise management, and to apply their knowledge and skills in a technically demanding global community. Graduates of our program will be knowledgeable about sustainable animal production practices that also ensure animal health and well-being and stewardship of natural resources.