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ENVE 2010: Environmental Engineering Measurements and Analysis

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 2, Laboratory 2.

Prereq: CE 1900
Introduction to environmental monitoring, environmental field and laboratory sampling, sample preservation and chain of custody, quality assurance and quality control, measurements of common chemical and biological components in different media, and analysis of environmental quality in natural and engineered systems. Concentrations and material balances concepts as applied to environmental engineering. Laboratory testing and experiments. (Typically Offered: Fall)

ENVS 2010: Introduction to Environmental Issues

(Cross-listed with BIOL 2010/ ENSCI 2010).
Credits: 2. Contact Hours: Lecture 2.

Discussion of current and emerging environmental issues such as human population growth, energy use, loss of biodiversity, water resources, and climate change. (Typically Offered: Fall)