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MGMT 4780: Strategic Management

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.

Prereq: Credit or enrollment in (ACCT 2850; ENTSP 3100; FIN 3010; MKT 3400; (MGMT 3700 or MGMT 3710); SCM 3010; MIS 3010); Senior classification
Examines why some organizations perform better than others, with an emphasis on how taking a holistic view of the organization and environment can lead to sustained competitive advantage. Evaluates how capabilities in various organizational functions can help enable and determine organizational strategy, and considers how strategic choices affect expectations of various functional areas and their interdependence. Emphasis on case analysis and discussion to build student competencies in the areas of internal and external analysis, complex decision-making, and the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of strategies. (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer)