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Healthcare Management

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Healthcare management is a great fit for students who want to combine their interests in both healthcare and business.  The major includes instruction in planning, business management, financial management, healthcare quality management, organizational behavior and leadership, health policy, health law and regulations, and management of health information systems.  As a part of the curriculum, students are required to complete an experiential learning component (internship, co-op, or an independent study).

Undergraduate Major in Healthcare Management

For undergraduate curriculum in business, major in healthcare management.

The department of Management and Entrepreneurship offers a major in healthcare management.  Students will complete the general education requirements (including business foundation courses), supporting courses/major prerequisites, business core requirements for the bachelor of science (B.S.) degree, and 24 additional credits in the major.

The instructional objective of the Healthcare Management program is to provide a well-rounded professional education in healthcare management.  Such an education should provide the student with:

  1. Foundational knowledge of the healthcare management field: insurance, current healthcare policy, policy development, economics of health and healthcare, patient safety, quality management, financing, payor mixture, healthcare-specific laws and regulations, and information systems as they relate to healthcare data
  2. Comprehensive business skills: decision-making skills, relationship management skills, data interpretation and analytic skills, managerial professionalism, teamwork and collaboration skills related to various actors in healthcare (including practitioners), leadership skills, and strategy skills
  3. Experiential learning: hands-on learning in a healthcare setting, application of HCM curriculum to real world experiences

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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, undergraduate students majoring in Healthcare Management will:

  1. Be effective communicators
  2. Be effective collaborators
  3. Be problem solvers
  4. Understand business concepts
  5. Recognize ethical and legal responsibilities to organizations


In addition to the basic business degree requirements (, healthcare management majors must also complete:

Required Courses:
HCM 301XIntroduction to the U.S. Healthcare Industry3
HCM 302XEconomics for Healthcare Managers3
HCM 303XHealthcare Quality Management3
HCM 401XFinancial Management for Healthcare Organizations3
HCM 402XLaw and Regulatory Environment in Healthcare3
HCM 403XHealthcare Information Systems3
Experiential Learning (choose one):
HCM 391XInternship in Healthcare Management3
HCM 398XCooperative Education *R
HCM 490XIndependent Study in Healthcare Management3
Elective Courses (choose one or two): *
MGMT 422Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
MGMT 471Personnel and Human Resource Management3
MGMT 472Management of Diversity3
ENTSP 410Social Entrepreneurship3
MKT 351Services Marketing3
GERON 463Environments for the Aging3
GLOBE 330Global Health Disparities3
H S 310Community and Public Health3
PSYCH 485Health Psychology3

Total Credits: 24

Students are limited to three business majors/degrees/minors within the Ivy College of Business.  This limit is on business majors/degrees/minors only, and does not apply to multiple majors/degrees/minors taken outside the Ivy College of Business. 

Healthcare Management, B.S.

Sample 4-Year Plan (Your plan may differ)

BUSAD 102 or 1031ECON 1023
ECON 1013STAT 2263
ENGL 1503ACCT 2843
MATH 1503Global/International Perspective@3
LIB 1601BUSAD 2031
 14 16
ACCT 2853SP CM 212 or 3123
MKT 3403ACCT 2153
MATH 1513PHIL 2303
ENGL 2503MGMT 3713
Natural Science3MGMT 3103
 15 15
ENGL 3023HCM 303X: Healthcare Quality Management3
FIN 3013HCM 401X: Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations3
SCM 3013MIS 3013
HCM 301X: Introduction to the US Healthcare Industry3MGMT 3723
HCM 302X: Economics for Healthcare Managers3US Diversity#3
 15 15
Global/International Perspective@3HUM/SOC SCI3
HCM 402X: Law and Regulatory Environment in Healthcare3HCM 403X: Healthcare Information Systems3
HCM 391X: Internship in Healthcare Management3HCM Elective3
General Elective5General Electives3
 17 15
Total Credits: 122

Students must be admitted to the professional program in business to major in healthcare management.  The requirements to enter the professional program are:

1.  Completion of at least 30 credits, Foundation Courses, ENGL 150, and all ENGL 101/99 courses if required.

2.  A minimum GPA of 2.50 either cumulative or in the Foundation Courses. Early admission is allowed for Honors-eligible students. (See your advisor for specific information)

Graduation Requirements:

        1.  Grade of “C” or higher in at least 30 credits of Core and Major courses.

        2.  42 credits of 300+ level courses from a four-year institution.

        3.  50% of required Business courses must be earned at ISU.

        4.  At least 32 credits and the LAST 32 credits must be earned at ISU (exceptions for study abroad and internship may be requested).

        5.  122 Credits minimum and a Cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 with no quality point deficiencies.

        6.  A grade of C or better in ENGL 250 required, and also in one other required ENGL course.

        7.  All 300-level and higher business credits must be earned at a four-year college.

        8.  Multiple business majors must have at least 15 distinct credits in each of the major requirements; when applicable, one course can be shared between business majors; see your advisor regarding multiple business degree requirements.