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MIS 4950: Executive Presentation and Analysis

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.

Prereq: MIS 3010
Students explore different practical scenarios related information systems projects and cases. Students acquire necessary skills and knowledge to solve practical issues associated with presented cases and problems. Students compete at different venues around the country. Graduation Restriction: Only 3 credits of MIS 4950 may count as a MIS major or minor choice elective. (Typically Offered: Fall)

Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems is the analysis and use of information systems and technologies to support problem solving and decision making within and across organizations. Organizations and companies use data, most often in digital form, to conduct nearly every part of their businesses and functions. The program provides students with the core knowledge related to every dimension of information systems and technologies, including the creation and implementation of software and databases, to information security, analytics, and the user interface. The program takes a balanced approach with both technical and managerial coursework.