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STAT 5750: Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis

(Dual-listed with STAT 4750).
Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 2, Laboratory 2.

Statistical and graphical methods for displaying and analyzing multivariate data including plotting high-dimensional data using interactive graphics; organizing and summarizing analyses of multivariate data; comparing two group mean vectors; multivariate analysis of variance; reducing variable dimension with principal components; identifying factors with exploratory factor analysis; grouping observations with multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis; classification; R statistical software package and using Rstudio to create reports (RMarkdown and GGplot). Knowledge of linear algebra recommended. Graduation Restriction: Credit for only one of STAT 4070, STAT 4750, or STAT 5750 may be applied to graduation. May not be used for graduate credit in the Statistics MS and PhD degree programs. (Typically Offered: Fall)