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BBMB 120: The Biochemistry of Beer

(Cross-listed with FS HN). (2-0) Cr. 2. F.

An introduction to the major classes of biomolecules, basic biochemical concepts, enzymology, metabolism and genetic engineering as they apply to the production and flavor of beer. All aspects of the biochemistry of beer will be covered, including the malting of barley, starch conversion, yeast fermentation and the chemical changes that occur during the aging of beer. Intended for non-majors. Natural science majors are limited to elective credit only.

Biochemistry and Biophysics

The department of Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology offers majors in biochemistry or biophysics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a major in biochemistry in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Environmental Science

...Electives (28-35 credits) 120.0 Total Credits...options: CHEM 231 & 231L, BBMB 2221, or AGRON...

Environmental Science

...Electives (28-35 credits) 120.0 Total Credits...231L, CHEM 331 & 331L, BBMB 221, or AGRON...