Feed Technology Minor

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The agricultural economy is heavily dependent on feed technology.  The Midwest is one of the largest feed production and grain processing regions in the world. Feed manufacturing is also a global business with a growing demand for qualified technical professionals.

Feed technology includes the areas of grain handling and storage, animal nutrition, feed formulation, feed manufacturing, biosecurity, and feed safety and quality. The Feed Technology minor (15 credits) covers the breadth of all these topics so that you can:

  • Understand animal nutrition, feed mill operations management and their application to feed quality, safety, and profitability;
  • Identify chemical, biological and physical hazards in grain and feed;
  • Know practical ways to monitor, manage and mitigate hazards in grain handling and feed manufacturing facilities; and
  • Be familiar with the importance, scope and trends of the global animal feed industry.

The minor requires 15 credits and must include at least 9 credits that are not used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement. Below is the list of courses used in the minor.

TSM 3220Preservation of Grain Quality3
or ABE 4690 Engineering for Grain Storage, Preservation, Handling, and Processing Systems
TSM 4550Feed Processing and Technology3
TSM 4570Feed Safety, Ingredient Quality and Analytics3
ANS 3200Animal Feeds and Feeding3
or ANS 2190X Survey of Animal Nutrition
ANS 3240Food Processing for Companion Animals3
Total Credits15

ANS 2190X, if offered, may be substituted for ANS 3200.