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ENGR 1600: Engineering Problems with Computer Applications Laboratory

Credits: 3.

Prereq: MATH 1430 or satisfactory score of 76 on mathematics placement exam
Solving engineering problems and presenting solutions through technical reports. Significant figures. Use of SI units. Graphing and curve-fitting. Flowcharting. Introduction to mechanics, statistics and engineering economics. Use of spreadsheet programs to solve and present engineering problems. Solution of engineering problems using computer programming languages. (The honors section includes application of programming to mobile robotics). Satisfactory placement scores can be found at: Graduation Restriction: Only one of ENGR 1600, ABE 1600, AERE 1600, CE 1600, CHE 1600, CPRE 1850, EE 1850, IE 1480, ME 1600, and SE 1850 may count towards graduation. (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer)