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SE 1850: Problem Solving in Software Engineering

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 2, Laboratory 2.

Prereq: Credit or concurrent enrollment in MATH 1430 (or satisfactory scores on mathematics placement examinations)
Introduction to software engineering and computer programming. Systematic thinking process for problem solving in the context of software engineering. Group problem solving. Solving software engineering problems and presenting solutions through computer programs, written documents and oral presentations. Introduction to principles of programming, software design, and extensive practice in design, writing, running, debugging, and reasoning about programs. Satisfactory placement scores can be found at: Graduation Restriction: Only one of ENGR 1600, ABE 1600, AERE 1600, BME 1600, CE 1600, CHE 1600, CPRE 1850, EE 1850, IE 1480, ME 1600, and SE 1850 may count towards graduation.