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MKT 4950: Live Cases in Marketing

Credits: 3. Contact Hours: Lecture 3.
Repeatable, maximum of 3 credits.

Prereq: MKT 3400
Teamwork with companies to solve their current marketing challenges. Opportunity to gain critical thinking skills, experience with quantitative analysis, client management experience, professional presentation skills, strategies for effective teamwork, practice giving and receiving feedback, and practical marketing experience. Experience will strengthen student resume, make connections with industry, and practice applying marketing concepts in real-world situations. The companies and challenges will be different each semester. Graduation Restriction: Only 3 credits of MKT 4950 may count as a MKT major or minor choice elective. (Typically Offered: Fall, Spring)

A major in marketing acquaints students with the managerial decisions and actions that surround the satisfaction of customer needs in the purchase and use of goods and services. Examples of marketing decision areas are product development, pricing, marketing communication, customer relationships, social media, marketing analytics, and personal selling. Completion of the major prepares students for careers such as product manager, marketing analyst, digital marketing specialist, marketing consultant, advertising or promotions manager, marketing researcher, sales representative or manager, social media coordinator, retail management, and special events manager, in the public and private sectors.