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Global Human Sciences Minor

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Students can earn a Global Human Sciences Minor by completing a minimum of 15 credits (17 for those participating in International Student Teaching), including 6 credits of required core courses and between 9 and 11 credits selected from a designated list of courses offered by the departments and school in the College of Human Sciences. This minor is available to any undergraduate student at Iowa State University.

The Global Human Sciences Minor will contribute to students’ ability to:

  • Develop and demonstrate effective and professional oral and written communication skills regarding global human sciences
  • Reflect on their experience with global human sciences and on how it has influenced their understanding of what it means to be a human scientist
  • Analyze how social, cultural, technological, and economic contexts have affected the development of human sciences disciplines at home and abroad
  • Identify and explain how issues of ethics, diversity, and social responsibility influence global human sciences

Required Core Courses (6 credits)

H SCI 301Introduction to Global Human Sciences1
H SCI 302Global Human Sciences Capstone2
AESHM 421Developing Global Leadership: Maximizing Human Potential3

Additional Courses (9-11 credits)

All students except International Student Teaching participants: Select 9 credits from the list below.
CHS students only: Select at least 3 credits from the list below that are outside the home department or school.
International Student Teaching participants only: select 8 credits from EDUC 416D, EDUC 416E, or EDUC 417N, and 3 credits from the list below outside the School of Education for a total of 11 credits.

A M D 354Euro-American Dress History: Prehistoric to Mid-19th Century3
A M D 355XTextile History: Global Perspectives of Textiles3
A M D 362Cultural Perspectives of Global Dress3
A M D 372Sourcing and Global Issues3
AESHM 281Orientation to International Field Study1
AESHM 381DInternational Field Study: Hospitality Management1-3
AESHM 381FInternational Field Study: Event Management1-3
AESHM 381NInternational Field Study: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design1-3
A TR 549AAthletic Training Clinical Education Study Abroad: Preparing for the Experience1
A TR 549BAthletic Training Clinical Education Study Abroad2
DANCE 211Fundamentals and Methods of Social and World Dance1
DANCE 270Dance Appreciation3
DANCE 385Methods of Teaching Dance2
EDUC 275International Travel Study - Pre-departure Orientation1
EDUC 416DSupervised Student Teaching - Elementary: International Student Teaching - Primary Grades8
EDUC 416ESupervised Student Teaching - Elementary: International Student Teaching - Intermediate Grades8
EDUC 417NStudent Teaching: International8
EDUC 475International Travel Study in Education1-6
EVENT 423International Meetings and Conferences Management3
FS HN 342World Food Issues: Past and Present3
FS HN 442Issues in Food and Society2
FS HN 460Global Nutrition and Health3
FS HN 490DIndependent Study: International Experience1-6
FS HN 496AFood Science and Human Nutrition Travel Course: International travel1-4
HD FS 479Family Dynamics Through a Social and Cultural Lens3
HD FS 481XInternational Studies in HD FS: Group Study1-3
HD FS 575Cross-cultural Perspectives about Families and Children3
HSP M 260Global Tourism Management3
HSP M 487Fine Dining Management3
KIN 381AStudy Abroad Experience in Kinesiology: Preparing for the Experience1
KIN 381BStudy Abroad Experience In Kinesiology2
NRS 490CIndependent Study: International Experience1-2
Internship or work experience course1-6
Courses completed at an international institution as part of a study abroad experience from the following options *1-6
Accademia Italiana
Australia: Semester at University of Deakin
Australia: Semester at University of Newcastle
Fu Jen Catholic University Exchange
Glasgow Caledonian University Exchange
London College of Fashion
Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute
New Zealand: Semester at University of Otago
Paris American Academy

Coursework must be in a human sciences discipline.
Students may request a review of coursework to be completed as part of a study abroad experience at other international institutions that would meet this requirement.