Pharmacology and Toxicology Minor

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Pharmacology and Toxicology - Undergraduate Minor

The interdisciplinary pharmacology and toxicology minor is intended to significantly increase the number of ISU graduates who can:

  • Understand, use and define key terms and concepts related to pharmacology and toxicology;
  • Apply concepts and standard practices in pharmacology and toxicology to solving practical problems relevant to these fields;
  • Analyze scientific data in pharmacology and toxicology;
  • Synthesize detailed and accurate descriptions of current knowledge on key topics in pharmacology and toxicology;
  • Make informed decisions about current controversies in pharmacology and toxicology, using appropriate scientific methods and ethical reasoning.

The minor in Pharmacology and Toxicology may be earned by completing the following courses. All minors require at least 15 credits; 9 credits of the courses listed in the minor must not be used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement except the credit requirement for graduation. There are three required courses for all Pharmacology and Toxicology undergraduate minors: TOX 401, B M S 439, and one physiology course selected from B M S 329, B M S 438 or BIOL 335. The remaining credits are fulfilled by any of the electives listed below.

Required Core Courses:

TOX 401Principles of Toxicology3
B M S 439Principles of Pharmacology4
Select one of the following:3-4
Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
Principles of Physiology
Principles of Human and Other Animal Physiology
Total Credits10-11


A B E 424AAir Pollution: Air quality and effects of pollutants1
A B E 451Food and Bioprocess Engineering3
BBMB 316Principles of Biochemistry3
BBMB 404Biochemistry I3
BBMB 405Biochemistry II3
BIOL 319Analysis of Environmental Systems3
BIOL 423Developmental Biology3
BIOL 434Endocrinology3
BIOL 436Neurobiology3
B M E 440Biomedical Applications of Chemical Engineering3
B M S 443Pharmacology and Therapeutics3
B M S 448Principles of Human Gross Anatomy4
CHEM 211
Quantitative and Environmental Analysis
and Quantitative and Environmental Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 231Elementary Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 331Organic Chemistry I3
ENSCI 486Aquatic Ecology3
ENT 450Pesticides in the Environment3
FS HN 264Fundamentals of Nutritional Biochemistry3
FS HN 442Issues in Food and Society2
FS HN 461Medical Nutrition and Disease I4
FS HN 464Medical Nutrition and Disease II4
FS HN 467Molecular Basis of Nutrition in Disease Etiology and Health Promotion3
FS HN 489Issues in Food Safety1
TOX 354General Pharmacology3
TOX 419Foodborne Hazards3
TOX 420Food Microbiology3
TOX 426Veterinary Toxicology3
TOX 490Independent Study1-2
TOX 499Undergraduate Research1-3