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Software Engineering, B.S.

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Software Engineering, B.S.

Plan of Study - 4 Year Plan*

MATH 1654PHYS 2215
ENGL 1503COM S 2274
S E 1853Economic Elective3
S E 1010MATH 1664
LIB 1601S E 1660
CHEM 167 or 1774 
 15 16
MATH 2674COM S 36313
CPR E 28114COM S 327 or CPR E 2882, 33
ENGL 2503Math Elective3
Supplementary Electives3General Education Elective3
COM S 2283 
 17 12
S E 31913S E 32913
COM S 330 or CPR E 31013S E 3393
COM S 30913COM S 352 or CPR E 30833
COM S 321 or CPR E 3812, 33ENGL 3143
General Education Elective3SP CM 2123
 COM S 31113
 15 18
S E 4940S E 4922
S E 4913Supplementary Electives6
STAT 3303Software Engineering Electives3
Technical Elective3Genaral Education Elective3
General Education Elective3Open Elective3
Software Engineering Elective3 
 15 17
Total Credits: 125

Total credits required - 125 credits

Basic Program - A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for this set of courses, including any transfer courses.

Must receive a C or better grade in required English classes.

General Educational Elective courses to be selected in consultation with SE advisers from a list of approved courses. They must include courses that satisfy university and college general education requirements. These courses include courses or categories of courses such as international perspectives and U.S. diversity, language, arts and humanities, and social sciences. Pass/Not Pass credit is not accepted.

Software Engineering Electives, Technical Electives, and Supplementary Electives must be selected from the program-approved list.


Core Professional Curriculum (A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for this set of courses, including any transfer courses)


Software Engineering students must have completed CPR E 281 and have obtained C or better in COM S 327 to enroll in COM S 321


Students who take the 4-credit lab courses CPR E 288, CPR E 308, and CPR E 381 instead of the corresponding 3-credit alternatives can apply the additional credits towards Supplementary Electives. The total number of credits required in Software Engineering Program remains the same for all students.